Hedgehog Physics

So what is Hedgehog Physics? I think to explain what Hedgehog Physics is, it would be best to first explain what Hedgehog Physics is Not.

Hedgehog Physics is not a disorganized collection of introspective diatribes. No–that was my last blog. My last blog served as a collection of the thoughts that were coming together to make me who I was, as a place to verbalize those thoughts in complete isolation, and as a record so that I could reflect on those thoughts as I continued to grow as a person. That blog has since served its purpose, and has been hidden away for good. Now, some of those previous blog posts, of which there were over 100, may make appearances in this blog, but by and large, that blog was a place for me.

Hedgehog Physics is not a blog about hedgehogs. It is also not a blog about physics, but there will be more of the latter than the former in this blog. Sadly however, there will likely be more music in this blog than there will be physics and hedgehogs combined.

Hedgehog Physics is not a blog for other people, but I am willing to let far more people read this blog than the previous one. This blog will not be associated with my name at all, but many of the people who read this blog will likely know who I am.

Hedgehog Physics is not a professional blog. I have chosen the look of this blog purposefully; the look is minimalistic, clean, and sterile. Unlike my previous blog, and most websites I’ve designed for that matter, I will do minimal coding and customization. However, while this blog is not professional, the work on this blog will be done professionally. I will review my posts before publishing, organize my tangents into coherent trains of thought, and the like. This blog will be organized, unlike my apartment.

Now that you have an idea of what Hedgehog Physics is not, let me tell you what Hedgehog Physics is.

Hedgehog Physics is a place for me to blow off steam. I have a lot of stress planned for the rest of this semester, and I need something —anything— to look forward to in order to keep me from exploding. The stress of college is absolutely real, and I need a coping mechanism.

Hedgehog Physics is also a place for me to contemplate reality. Every single day, I further recognize the state of reality. It just is. The universe just is. The problem is, there are these creatures called humans walking around telling the universe what to be, and when a person is raised in one of these places, i.e. civilization, it becomes difficult to differentiate what is from what isn’t. Music is the form of expression that helps me understand this fundamental truth.

A long time ago, music was very simple. Our instruments were a combination of percussion, crude instrumentation, and vocals, and our musical notation consisted of simple notes in a scale. Yet; centuries later, as we learned to navigate the recurring sounds that we would hear, we were able to create chords, then later masterpieces. And as we began to master music, virtuoso performers began to create the greatest musical masterpieces possible. For some, this is the apex of music; music couldn’t develop further. But as we know, that’s not what happened. Because even though in terms of technical skill we may have ‘maxed out,’ musical geniuses were able to continue to revolutionize the way that we thought about music. And whether or not we actually listen to Mozart, or Beethoven, or Debussy, or Robert Johnson, or Muddy Water, as others learned from their new styles of musical thought, our music evolved into what we do actually listen to.

And that’s why we do talk about Mozart and Beethoven. Because while there were a number of masters of each style of music, these musicians are the ones who turned their reality into a new way of thinking. Even though someone like Debussy was raised in a predominantly Romantic Era of music, he was able to take that reality he was raised in, and create a new reality, the Modernist Era, from it. And this is where the analogy comes back; because we are all raised in a reality of our own understated convictions, prejudices, and ‘truths,’ and these ‘truths’ may or may not accurately portray the universe we come from. Because our universe just is, and even when we try to tell it what to be, it continues to be just what it is. This blog is a way to navigate through these understated beliefs in order to come to an intuitive understanding of the world we live in.

Lastly, Hedgehog Physics is a place where I can just fucking relax and have a beer. I have a lot of thoughts and ideas going on in my head, and I need a place to let them out. So this blog is a medium where I can grab a beer, sit down for a few hours, and give life to these thoughts.

I’m at a different stage in my development than I was the first time I created a blog. The hope is that this blog will further my goal of achieving happiness; true happiness, not the fleeting, melodramatic feeling that most people call happiness.


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